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In the news: August 2019

Throughout each month I am posting links to media coverage where I have had active involvement in the story or have provided comment and a Labour Party perspective. As an elected County and District councillor I am often asked to provide local input on national stories and the socialist perspective on local issues.

This page will be updated throughout the month.

We need more than road calming to stop teen traffic accidents

Cutting from The Isle of Thanet News

The concerns of Ramsgate mother, Jo Mapp were reported in the Isle of Thanet News on August 7. Jo has witnessed the current racing culture on Thanet’s roads and was close by a traffic accident that resulted in a number of young people being taken to hospital.

I agree that measures could be taken on some roads to stop the speeding. However, in this article I also take a wider view and question a lack of youth services as reason why we appear to have more unrest amongst our teenage population.

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Why did Kent miss out on Boris’s NHS cash?

On August 9 BBC Radio Kent were reporting on the supposedly new cash that had been made available to the NHS for capital spending. Invited onto the station to provide a Labour Party perspective, I pointed out that a snap general election looks likely and the NHS projects earmarked to receive funds appear to be in areas where the Conservatives need to grow support to retain seats. Kent is deemed a safe Tory area.


‘No deal’ Manston plans grow

News cutting from The Isle of Thanet News

At Kent County Council I had previously been told there were no plans to station customs facilities at Manston in the event of the site being used after a no deal Brexit. The political landscape has changed and ‘no deal’ looks like the preferred option of the Johnson government. Plans have changed too and, as Kathy Bailes reported in The Isle of Thanet News on August 13, the former airport site will now handle customs checks.

I have also heard unofficially that troops will be stationed at the lorry park. The reasons why have not been revealed to me, but I mention this and my concerns for the free-flow of local traffic whilst Ramsgate plays host to Operation Brock.

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NHS ‘safe haven’ plan for Thanet

Mental health story news clipping

The woefully inadequate provision of mental health services in Thanet has been much in the news recently. Last month I organised the first of a series of meetings to allow members of the public to directly address health service managers. It appears our collective efforts are bearing fruit. As The Isle of Thanet News reported on August 15, Thanet is amongst four locations to receive funding for facilities termed ‘safe havens’.

Similar in concept to the ‘crisis cafĂ©’ that we originally called for, the safe haven will provide a supportive place for those who are in a state of mental or emotional stress, but do not require admission as an inpatient to a psychiatric ward.

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Updated throughout August

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