Blue Wave pool and gym in Margate

Blue Wave Pool in Margate must be saved

I was astounded to hear that another fantastic facility in Thanet might be closed. The Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool in Victoria Road, Margate has been offering services to disabled and elderly locals since 2014. Now the facility, which is housed in the former Royal Deaf School faces threat of closure with the redevelopment plans for […]

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Mothers gather with Karen Constantine at County Hall to protest against cuts to breastfeeding service.

Distain at KCC breastfeeding decision

Why, when figures for breastfeeding in the UK are the worst in the world are we cutting the breastfeeding support budget by £400,000, and reducing the service across Kent that is there to support breastfeeding mums. We know that the rate for breastfeeding in Kent is lower than the national average and is falling. It […]

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