2017 – 2021 Member Grant Disclosure

As Ramsgate county councillor I have been extremely privileged to be able to ensure my members grant has gone to great groups in our community.

I have made it the ‘spend’ over the last four years clear and transparent (as I always aim to do with my council activities). It is important that the electorate knows where that money has gone. I hope, if re-elected to continue this contribution in our community.

It’s worth remembering that my members grant money must be for the direct benefit of Ramsgate residents and, as a county councillor, I have to take very seriously, decisions on how that the money is used in a safe way. That was more important during the COVID-19 pandemic!

I give huge congratulations to those groups that stepped up to do their bit in 2020/21 and in such wonderfully creative ways.

One such group is the Ramsgate Mermads – who offered safe and socially distanced sea swimming which boosted exercise, prevented social isolation and lifted spirits. Trust me, cold water swimming does that!

Also the simply amazing ‘Looping The Loop’ street panto! Wow!

Karen Constantine with Looping The Loop street panto giants in Ramsgate
Karen Constantine with Looping The Loop street panto giants in Ramsgate

Then we saw Ramsgate Town Council working with Our Kitchen and Fare Share to take urgent action to feed so many people in Ramsgate who needed help.

No HGV sign on Honeysuckle Lane, Ramsgate
After a spate of traffic incidents and appeals from local residents, this road sign was funded by Karen Constantine’s member grant.

The member grant has benefitted many and I hope it can continue to do so. The record of recipients, logged and made available by Kent County Council, is published below.

Any question at all I’m very happy to answer them!

Karen Constantine 2017 – 2021

YearOrganisationAmount £Purpose
2017/2018Newington School500Newington Rocks
 People United500Community Choir
 E Kent Mencap500Domestic Abuse
 Pavement Pounders600WW2 History project
 Friends of Ramsgate Seafront1150Volunteer Awareness
 Our Kitchen on Isle of Thanet CIC700Kitchen Pilot
 Thanet Volunteer Bureau445Thanet isolated older people befriending scheme.
 Addington Street1000Addington Street Revival fair
 Margate Bookie – Literary Festival500Poetry Writing and Self-Esteem Workshops
 Oasis Domestic Abuse500Trauma Recovery
 Margate Pride500Parade
 Thanet District Scouts600Marshside Camp
 Aim4 Partnership CIC500Newington Chill Club
 Red Cross255Wheelchairs
 Ramsgate Skate Park560Revamp Basketball
 St Luke’s Church Hall800New Cooker
 Thanet CC Ramsgate & Newington250Christmas Party
 Fegans250Happy child happy parent
 Calling Time on Racism500Calling time on racism campaign
 Speak Up CIC875Family Circle Pilot
 Beyond the Page500Hands up project
 Thanet Winter Shelter500Thanet winter shelter
 Ageless Thanet500IT training
 Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival CIC1000The international festival
 Ramsgate Society400Heritage Open Days
2018/19Age UK Thanet500Outreach therapeutic activity project
 Friends of Foreland Field School1300Shakespeare Theatre
 Chilton Primary School625Attendance Project
 Our Kitchen4830Trust your food
 Thanet Community Development Trust1650Heresden Centre Upgrade
 GRASS500Cliftonville games
 Art Exchange500Xchange studio
 St Luke’s Ramsgate500Heater
 Headway E Kent500Clients garden project
 POW500POW Thanet 2019
 Thanet Children Centre (Priory)500Christmas celebrations
 Ramsgate Royal Naval Association750Stairlift
 Kiwi Communities CIC1950Parent workshops
 Highways610Cliffsend traffic survey
2019-20East Cliff Community Group700Mid-summer get together
 Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet4000Summer kitchen episode 2 plus follow up for parents in primary schools for the next 2 months
 East Kent Mencap500Kitchen facilities in Ramsgate for people with learning disabilities & the local community
 Thanet Community Development Trust1000Food for life
 Pow! Thanet1000Pow! Festival 2020
 Street Trees for Ramsgate1350Street trees in Thanet phase 1
 Western Undercliff Regeneration Group400Container & tools for Westcliff Chine
 Your Leisure Kent LTD500Panto for Thanet primaries-Dame Janet
 Getting Thanet Community online250.65Digital inclusion project
 Project Motor House900UNESCO day of light.
 Thanet United Football Club1960Thanet United FC community project
2020/2021St Lawrence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy500ACE support materials
 Addington Street Community Group1000Addington Street revival fair
 Thanet Newsprint Company CIC1000Emergency COVID-19 print edition1
 Ramsgate Town Council8000Emergency food collection/distribution for Ramsgate & Thanet
 Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School1000Visors for the NHS & frontline workers
 Age UK Thanet1500Welfare funds for our veterans needing assistance during Covid-19
 Oasis Domestic Abuse475.80Corona virus loss of income
 Westcoast Kent Community Interest Company750Freedom road
 Ramsgate Festival of Sound750Busk at Dusk
 Thanet Bowls Club750Post COVID-19 development
 Looping the Loop CIC2000Pop up Panto
 Addington Street Community Group-Ramsgate Mermaids5000Mermaid cold water swimming group
 Ramsgate Town Council2310Radford House foodbank support project in conjunction with the Salvation Army
 Ramsgate Town Council2452Radford House foodbank support project
 Ramsgate Society540.35Street Trees for Ramsgate
 Highways650.87Honeysuckle Road-unsuitable for HGVs signs
 Highways1000Cliffsend village waiting restrictions