A life of campaigning for the people

About me…

I have been a passionate campaigner all my life. Since my late teens I have been a member of the Labour Party and an active trade unionist, fighting for equality on many levels from the local doorstep to the offices of Westminster.

Hailing from Stoke on Trent, an area with many similarities to Thanet, I witnessed first hand the decline of manufacturing and its impact on my family and community. My father, Harold, was a potter. We lived through the closure of the potteries and pits and felt the shockwaves which continue to this day.

Karen Constantine with relatives in Stoke on Trent
Enjoying a chat at The Club with my family in Stoke

Having to overcome the social prejudice of being a young single parent and endure economic insecurity, I was motivated to propel myself through college and university and quickly establish a first career as a youth and community worker.

Then, driven by the desire to share my early life experiences and enable others to take control of their lives, I moved from being a questioning and vocal trade union shop steward to become a regional representative. Eventually I was employed by the TUC in the Midlands. Subsequently I joined the GMB as a full time trade union official. I then went on to work for GMB as a national officer, a national officer for Managers in Partnership (part of UNISON), and am now the Regional Head for the Royal College of Midwives, looking after midwives, support workers, mothers, their babies and their families. An incredible and worthwhile job.

Karen Constantine in Newington
You’ll often find me chatting on the streets around Ramsgate

The beauty of working for the Trade Unions is the breadth, depth and range of members and employers that you come in contact with, as well as the issues that you have to tackle. All requiring qualities I hope to bring to the role of district councillor.

I am married to Chris and, between us, we have four children and two grandchildren.  Our dream of living on the coast came true when we moved from Faversham and settled in Ramsgate in 2012.

Karen Constantine talking to a TV news crew about local issues
Talking to the media about local issues


I successfully stood for the Newington ward seat on Thanet District Council in January 2016 and held that seat through a second election. I resigned the seat in January 2020.

My real promise to you

  • I will be a powerful and effective voice for Ramsgate at Kent County Council.
  • I will make absolutely certain your voice is heard.
  • I will be a hard-working councillor who will help you whenever possible.
  • I will be a determined and knowledgeable councillor who will sort out local issues big and small.
  • I will be an approachable councillor who you can contact easily and regularly, in person, on the phone or by email.
  • I will not make promises that I cannot deliver.

Do YOU want to help me?

Please contact me …. Karen@karen4labour.uk

The local Labour team is here to support Ramsgate