Blue Wave pool and gym in Margate

Blue Wave Pool in Margate must be saved

I was astounded to hear that another fantastic facility in Thanet might be closed.

The Blue Wave Hydrotherapy Pool in Victoria Road, Margate has been offering services to disabled and elderly locals since 2014. Now the facility, which is housed in the former Royal Deaf School faces threat of closure with the redevelopment plans for the site. What a travesty that would be.

The Blue Wave hydro pool and the associated gym is so well used and valued by all those who use it. There is no facility in Kent that can offer this type of equipment and service, such as the specialist weight training and cardiovascular equipment and pain management classes. The space is a social hub that provides some of the more vulnerable members of the community with a place to converse, improve their health and interact with others. Many local GPs refer patients to the complex and is also used by a number of special needs and state schools. The staff are skilled and super enthusiastic. It would be crazy to let this go, to see it closed down.

I hope that all parties involved, including Kent County Council, can find a way of keeping this going. We have very poor health outcomes in Thanet, this excellent club helps to promote good health.

I spoke to The Isle of Thanet News about this community asset and the responsibilities local politicians now have to secure its future.

County council ‘looking at possibilities’ for future of Margate’s Blue Wave hydrotherapy pool

The staff in Margate have started a petition on 38 degrees with the aim of raising awareness and keeping the pool and gym open.