Image of Karen Constantine and Paul Rutterford in the Academy FM studio

Catching up on Academy FM

It’s that time of the year…

Baby it’s cold outside and it would be so nice to stay indoors. But how could I could resist Paul Rutterford’s invitation to speak with him on our own local radio station, Academy FM. They do such a great job, keeping us entertained and informed. 

Keeping it light and bright, and trying very hard not to to focus on the negatives, we talked about the strikes, the energy crisis, soaring everyday costs, and keeping warm. I really do wear my bobble hat indoors and I lurve my electric blanket! 

I’m doing all I can to support residents during this very difficult time, aiming to focus next year on making some positive changes, such as our continuing fight for a 20 mph zone across Ramsgate. Also, I’m exploring ways of supporting those who work from home and people who need extra support keeping warm! 

I’d urge the Government to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate to bring the strikes to a decent conclusion. I’d also remind them that their wealth redistribution plan – currently taking from the very poorest and giving to the country’s most wealthy – needs switching around! We’re the sixth richest nation on the planet and things should only get better! 

Anyway, take a listen to our chat…