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Condemning the Kent County Council tax hike

Are you feeling the pinch? Do you feel that your money goes out faster than it comes in? You’re not alone, 1000’s of Thanet tax payers are fighting to make ends meet. 

This is why I simply could not support the Tory budget at Kent County Council (KCC),  who take more than a billion pounds of your money, to deliver local services. 

And KCC are not alone. Two-thirds of England’s major councils are set to impose a 5% council tax hike.

Millions of ratepayers’ bills will tip over £2,000 for the first time as Tory ministers force the burden onto hard-pressed families during the pandemic. That’s exactly what’s happening here in Thanet. The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has allowed Councils to raise more money than ever before. 

You can hear me speaking out as your Kent County Councillor to condemn this painful tax rise on behalf of Ramsgate residents. The recording, below, is from a KCC budget meeting held on 11th February 2021.

With County Council elections taking place this May, we need to ensure more Labour candidates are elected. Without a Labour-run authority, Kent residents can expect to pay more for less.