Mothers gather with Karen Constantine at County Hall to protest against cuts to breastfeeding service.

Distain at KCC breastfeeding decision

Why, when figures for breastfeeding in the UK are the worst in the world are we cutting the breastfeeding support budget by £400,000, and reducing the service across Kent that is there to support breastfeeding mums. We know that the rate for breastfeeding in Kent is lower than the national average and is falling. It is a pressing public health issue.

Campaigners gathered in large numbers today at Kent County Council to ask questions and complain.

Breastfeeding is really important, we need to change attitudes and the culture of infant feeding, above all we need a service that is effective and valued by mothers. The mothers themselves are best placed to co design any service change. Above all this service needs to about investment. More consultation is needed.

Breastfeeding support needs to be available locally and easily accessible for all mothers. The proposed system will slow up the process at a time when advice is needed urgently.

The mothers showed their disdain for what is being doing to this valued service when they flatly refused to have a group photo with Council Leader Paul Carter.

I sincerely hope KCC think again.

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