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In the news: October 2020

Throughout each month I am posting links to media coverage where I have had active involvement in the story or have provided comment and a Labour Party perspective. As an elected County councillor I am often asked to provide local input on national stories and the socialist perspective on local issues.

This page will be updated throughout the month.

For safety’s sake, give us permission for our gate

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For three years, myself and Ramsgate Town Council have been trying to obtain permission from Kent County Councillor a simple gate at the bottom of Harbour Street. This barrier will prevent vehicles going up what is a pedestrian street between 9am and 5pm each day.

The gate is a preferable solution and a progression from the signage that was only ever intended to be temporary.

This recent press coverage in Kent Online and the Isle of Thanet News is on the back of our campaign to ask people to write to Roger Gough, leader at KCC to request this much needed safety measure.

Unchecked growth in child poverty

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Once again the local press is reporting Thanet as being bottom of the league when it comes to child poverty. This is so distressing and that we have child poverty at all in one of the world’s richest nations is unforgivable.

In this article by Kathy Bailes in The Isle of Thanet News, I am quoted on my drive to push Kent County Council to provide economic prosperity for all and ensure that all children in Kent have equal life chances.

We’ve suffered enough cuts already

A KMTV News report on the proposed county-wide consultation in Kent. The county council is planning to raise council tax whilst cutting services. The Conservative run council blames the coronavirus pandemic for this sorry state of affairs and says the public must help decide where cuts should be made. I appear in the report and voice my objection to the cuts. Ramsgate has suffered enough cuts already.

Lockdown in Kent and Brexit gridlock?

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On 16th October I appeared as a guest on KMTV’s political discussion show, Paul on Politics. Topics for discussion included the new 3-tier restrictions for covid and whether Kent should be locked down.

We also covered the stalling Brexit negotiations and what ‘no-deal’ will mean for our county.

Watch an edited recording of the programme here or the full version on KMTV’s website.

Response to the announcement of the next lockdown

On October 31st, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced we would be entering a new national lockdown on November 5th. The Isle of Thanet News covered the new restrictions in detail and asked me for my reaction as Kent County Councillor for Ramsgate. Whilst I agree with the need for tighter restrictions, I worry about the economic impact in Thanet on people and businesses. Read my full response here.