Newington street scene

Karen Constantine: District Councillor’s Report, August 2016

The homelessness and housing crisis continues, with families and usually single men contacting me on a weekly basis for help and support. Some of these individuals cases are taking a long time to resolve.

A small group of Irish Travellers/Romany Gypsies were camped out near to the Tesco store on Manston road. I went to talk to them, to see how they were. It was an interesting conversation. Some of the Mums wanted to stay and get their small children into a local school. They were really surprised to hear that ‘settled’ people had housing issues! They offered to help. They have since moved on.

Unite the union held a street stall in the middle of Ramsgate recently on homelessness and the housing crisis, I spend sometime there chatting people and did a short interview.

People are still approaching me with Employment related matters and I’m assisting as much as I can. Local residents are welcome to contact me. I will give good advice and moral support.

On a lighter note I popped into Newington Summer Fayre and started my Christmas shopping. Great to get a head start and support local businesses.

All the best
Karen Constantine