Does our MP, Craig MacKinlay, have double standards?

Does our MP  Craig MacKinlays have double standards? When we asked him to get involved & offer support for the workers at the Royal School for the Deaf at our meeting with him on Dec 12th he simply shrugged his shoulders & said it was Roger Gales ( MP Thanet North ) responsibility. But he suddenly finds himself in the media spot light on TV discussing the issues at the at said school Maybe only because of the media profile. I’d like to know since he has been elected,

What action has he taken to ensure maximum support for all those staff that lost their jobs & those in the supply chain at the Royal School for the Deaf, Cummings Ltd & Kent potatoes. Where hundreds of jobs have lost.

What will he do about the very many employees that have been in contact with me that don’t have proper contracts of employment & therefore never know where they stand?

What about hard working local workers that don’t receive holiday pay dispute a legal entitlement to do so?

Those local workers who are sick – but have employers that arbitrarily & illegally deny much needed sick pay?

Those local employees who are denied wages & give sub standard ‘lodgings’ instead.

The young workers who watch their employers pocket the tips that were given to them by grateful customers pleased with receiving good service?

What advice & media interest will Craig bring to bare on those local workers who are even too afraid to say who their employers are when they come to me for advice and they are afeared of retribution.

Are we happy with a local MP that appears to cherry pick his case work?