Rooftops of Thanet photograph to illustrate multi-generational living

Multi-generational living in Margate

Multi-generational living is nothing new. Families have always lived together as multiple generations. We did this ourselves when my eldest son needed a home with his two babies. It was a bit of a squash but we were pleased to assist. That’s what family is for. 

The multi-generational living initiative in Margate, about which I was invited to comment on BBC Radio Kent, is a really great idea. Some are commenting on the price tag for converting the old hotel into a 7 bedroom home. However, this was a pilot and funded by the National Lottery. If we were to adopt the approach on a larger scale the costs would be expected to come down.

Well done Thanet District and Kent County Council for making this happen. First signs are that the experiment is a success on many counts. We need more ambition locally and nationally when it comes to building homes. 

Listen below to the recording of BBC Radio Kent’s ‘Wake Up Call’ with Anna Cookson.