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“Of course there’s poverty, but is there destitution?”

South Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay has come in for heavy criticism after our head-to-head on Politics South East last weekend.

Our 30 minutes on BBC1 covered the cost of living crisis in Thanet, on-shore wind farms and changes to local radio schedules.

On Facebook and Twitter, local residents took offence at Craig’s attitude to families on benefits and his apparent belief that there are plenty of jobs out there for everyone. The fact that in-work poverty is a very real issue does not seem to bother our local MP.

Take a look at this edit from the programme and see what you think…

Facebook comments about Craig Mackinlay
A selection of comments about Craig Mackinlay’s performance on BBC Politics South East

I will continue to call out Mr Mackinlay for his and his government’s failings. The blame for this cost of living crisis cannot be laid entirely with the pandemic or war. Child poverty in Thanet has been on the rise for many years. The Conservatives are failing the next generation and so we desperately need a change of government to Labour.

The full version of the broadcast can be watched here…