Image of Ramsgate family living in a tent

Ramsgate family living in tent

When is Thanet District Council going to take action to house this family of 8, currently living in a tent in a Ramsgate garden?

Through homelessness they are forced to live in the six-man tent. As a local councillor, they approached me for assistance with their plight. We have tried a housing solicitor and the Children’s Commissioner, but with no solutions so far.

With the nights closing in and the children having restarted school, we need Thanet District Council to act. They have a duty under S17 Children Act ‘89, and under the Human Rights Act. Homelessness should not be an issue in the sixth richest country in the world.

On 12th September BBC Radio Kent’s John Warnett spoke to the mother in the family, Joanne Foster and to myself about the struggle to find a proper home for the family.