Polling station in Ramsgate

Ramsgate votes for a fairer future

On 4th May voters across Kent decided who will represent them at County Hall for the next 4 years. I’m grateful to those in Ramsgate who elected me as one of the two County Councillors for our town.

The Labour team fought a long and coordinated campaign, bringing a message of hope and a promise to fight for a fairer deal for Ramsgate. The hard work paid off and, although we didn’t secure both Ramsgate seats, we now have a strong Labour voice at Kent County Council.

UKIP were decimated, having clearly let the people of Thanet down. Voters showed they are glad to see the back of them, and we expect similar in June.

Labour will be an effective opposition to the Conservatives at Kent County Council. I personally will make certain that the needs of Ramsgate, such as eduction, housing, social care and economic regeneration are heard and acted upon. Now is the time to put Thanet first. Let’s build a fairer future.