universal credit sweepstake 20 pound notes in a roll

The Universal Credit sweepstake

Want to know what Kent Tories really think about people struggling with the Universal Credit benefit cut? Watch this very short clip of a recent meeting. The universal credit sweepstake. Then you tell me!

At a time of crisis for many; at a time when bills are soaring and the future looks bleak for families everywhere; at a time when the most vulnerable need the most help, the Conservative Party are having fun and games at our expense.

I sit as a Labour Councillor on the Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee at Kent County Council and during a recent meeting was horrified to discover Conservative councillors had placed bets on when I would raise the £20 cut in Universal Credit.

So while I am asking serious questions related to poverty and the health and wellbeing of residents in Kent, the ruling party councillors are wondering whether or not they will win the universal credit sweepstake.

The full recording of the HOSC meeting can be found here.

Main image by Images Money on Flickr