Traveller caravans at Ramsgate Port

Appropriate TDC traveller support required now

The situation for the travellers at Ramsgate Port is getting worse.

It has been six weeks since Magistrates required Thanet District Council (TDC) to offer the travellers a site with ‘provisions’ to meet their immediate health needs. This offer was ordered to help to protect the fragile health of a number of people.

You’ll understand that for privacy reasons it is difficult to go into detail. However, around 21 members of this extended family are ill. Some seriously so.

For the last six weeks the travellers have been reaching out and working with the ward councillors, Mayor Raushan Ara, Cllrs Becky Wing and Tricia Austin and myself. We have been working together as far as possible to persuade various authorities including TDC and the NHS to honour the commitment they made to provide adequate provision.

That simply hasn’t happened. Working showers, toilets and an electricity supply remain outstanding. It appears that TDC CEO, Madeline Homer isn’t using her authority to ensure the operation teams meet these needs.

This means people are struggling, really struggling. Getting sicker by the day.

BBC coverage at Ramsgate Port

On Tuesday 13th July BBC South East News covered the traveller story and asked me to comment about the necessary action.

Apart from failing miserably to meet the needs of a vulnerable community group, this insensitive, tardy, action is illegal. Talks with lawyers are progressing.

Please help us to make progress.

Write to the Thanet District Council CEO to request urgent action. The showers are on-site but are not working. The electricity supply is on-site but travellers cannot access it. There are too few chemical toilets. These are the basics anyone needs to stay well.

Send your emails to

Header image: BBC South East Today