Karen Constantine. BBC Radio Kent

Wake up and shake up. Positive action required at TDC.

With the UKIP Leader of Thanet District Council, Chris Wells having resigned, there is an opportunity for some fresh thinking and positive action within our local authority.

BBC Radio Kent invited me onto their breakfast programme to discuss changes at the council. I used the opportunity to put the Labour point of view across, highlighting the pressing issues that affect Thanet residents. Poverty, housing and the embarrassing state of our streets are amongst the first areas that a Labour administration would tackle.

Key to an effective council is the workforce. Labour would make sure that all TDC employees would have valid contracts of employment. We would halt all further outsourcing of jobs, including shared services.

Also on air was Tim Luckhurst, Professor of Journalism at the University of Kent. He provided commentary of what appear to be UKIP’s last hours.

A recording of the broadcast is below.