A GP's stethoscope on an NHS blue background

What can be done to boost our patient – GP ratio?

I’m hearing about Ramsgate residents experiencing a lot of difficulties in getting in touch with a GP and getting appointments. Whatever you do, resist the urge to blame the doctors and other NHS staff. After the difficulties of dealing with Covid, winter pressures are piling up. This is inevitable. It happens every year. Keep trying to get through and eventually you will. I know that’s cold comfort, but let me explain why.

Thanet has been understaffed with GPs for some years. This situation hasn’t just happened! We need politicians who are absolutely committed to fixing this huge problem. We need a Government to absolutely take responsibility to ensure we all have access to great health care. Currently that isn’t happening and we are seeing a rapid unraveling of services. Check out this BMA report on GP service stresses.

You can hear more during this interview with Julia George on BBC radio Kent.

Karen Constantine, Kent County Councillor for Ramsgate talks about the problems facing patients and GPs in Thanet and beyond.