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Appearing on Paul on Politics

It was a pleasure to accept another invitation to appear on KMTV’s political discussion show, Paul on Politics.

On this edition we covered recent news topics including Theresa May’s announcement about additional funding for the NHS, the possibility of decriminalising cannabis, waste management in Kent and, of course, the football World Cup.

With studio guests Coral Jones from Save Our NHS in Kent (SONiK) and Mike Whiting, Conservative County Councillor for Swale, the most lively topic was the magic £20 billion that will supposedly come from a Brexit windfall to fund the NHS. My opinion is that this is too little, too late and will not address the crisis in public health, social care or the chronic recruitment issues the NHS has when attracting the right staff.

Below are the edited highlights of my contributions to the broadcast. The full half hour recording can be viewed here.