Newington Primary School cuts screen header

Fund schools. Tackle poverty.

Right across the country primary school funding is being systematically cut back. This means a freeze on recruitment, fewer teaching assistants and heavier workloads for staff. It means our children aren’t getting the education they need and deserve.

I’ve checked out Newington Community Primary school which is in my Thanet District Council ward of Newington.  It has lost a staggering £394 of funding per pupil.

I’m aware of the very high rates of child poverty in my ward, a recent report cited 47% of under 18 year olds are living below the poverty line. We know that there is a relationship between poverty and education. Poverty means students are at a disadvantage. Poor health and nutrition means a child’s cognitive ability is impaired. More funding should be allocated to schools based on the need to fight these unacceptable levels of disadvantage.

Use this website to check out your local schools.!/schools?chosenSchool=8863918