Ramsgate Sprint Revival, photo by Funk Dooby on Flickr (Creative Commons License).

Why won’t UKIP allow the Sprint Revival to roar again?.

Ramsgate people are being sold short.

Now the Gefco contract in our Port has come to an end, it makes economic sense to allow the much loved ‘Sprint Revival’ to go ahead. Indeed with no prospects in sight for the Port, the Ramsgate residents should at the very least be able to enjoy this area as a public amenity, and local business be allowed to boost their trade during these hard times.

Likewise, it’s high time that Ramsgate folk had full use of the Pleasurama  public highway which is currently occupied by hoardings. Why not use the space for beach huts or pop up shops to support local small business and our growing tourism market?

I have requested information from Cllrs Chris Wells, Cllr Trevor Shonk, and Cllr Martyn Heale several times to no avail.

This wouldn’t happen elsewhere in Thanet. Time to put Ramsgate first!

Main photo by Funk Dooby on Flickr (Creative Commons License)