Karen Constantine asking a social housing question at Thanet District Council

Social housing – dithering is not an option

I have never seen such a bad housing situation as the current crisis in Thanet. I meet rough sleepers on a daily basis. Many people visiting our isle comment on the number of occupied doorways and individuals begging in the town centres. This is the visible homeless. I’m fighting to raise the profile of the […]

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Homess family in Thanet news story header

Thanet’s homeless need government action

There are a considerable number of local parents dealing with the impacts of homelessness in Thanet. As local authority housing stock has decreased and the number of private landlords who will not accept tenants on benefits increases, families are getting caught in calamitous housing scenarios. Homelessness in Thanet is on the increase. As a local […]

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Happy Birthday to our NHS

I have been involved working in the NHS for about 25 years. My first job as a GMB union organiser in the East Midlands meant working in Kingsmill Hospital in Mansfield (among others) representing the cleaning staff. I was called in when the employees had been TUPE’d to a private cleaning company. In other words […]

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armed forces day in Ramsgate

Armed Forces Day in Ramsgate

On Saturday I attended the Armed Forces Day service which was held near the seafront in Ramsgate. Along with the other Town, District and Westminster officials, and hundreds of locals and tourists, I watched current and ex-service personnel and young cadets parade from the Sailors’ Church to the obelisk near the Royal Victoria Pavillion. I […]

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Paul on politics story header image

Appearing on Paul on Politics

It was a pleasure to accept another invitation to appear on KMTV’s political discussion show, Paul on Politics. On this edition we covered recent news topics including Theresa May’s announcement about additional funding for the NHS, the possibility of decriminalising cannabis, waste management in Kent and, of course, the football World Cup. With studio guests […]

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Newington Primary School cuts screen header

Fund schools. Tackle poverty.

Right across the country primary school funding is being systematically cut back. This means a freeze on recruitment, fewer teaching assistants and heavier workloads for staff. It means our children aren’t getting the education they need and deserve. I’ve checked out Newington Community Primary school which is in my Thanet District Council ward of Newington. […]

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